Zwift digitises the Giro d’Italia

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Since its launch in 2014, Zwift has surged
in popularity, allowing injured and weather compromised winter riders to enjoy
a more immersive training experience whilst spinning on a trainer in their
living room. As the cycling world prepares for the 102nd Giro
d’Italia to start, Zwift has now added the race’s prologue stage to its virtual
ride offering.

What has made Zwift such an enormous and
addictive success amongst cyclists is the quality of its graphic interface,
blended with the realism of competition. For the Giro d’Italia collaboration,
Zwift’s programmers and graphic specialists have meticulously recreated the race’s
8.2km prologue, which runs from Bologna to San Luca.

Zwift’s detailing of the prologue is reputed to be impeccable and from next week its more than half a million loyal subscribers will be able to compete on this new digital stage, matching their abilities and comparing times to those of the pro peloton.

Another eSports breakthrough

Paired with the latest generation of smart trainers, which enable accurate measurement of a rider’s power output, Zwift has revolutionised static indoor training from the mundane to something which most cyclists relish.

For those on the road to recovery after injury, or riders limited in their training time by family commitments or severe winter weather, Zwift has become their cycling salvation.

The company’s reputation for innovation is inarguable
and although the cycling world can at times be stubbornly traditional, official
approval of Zwift from a source as revered as the Giro d’Italia is immense.

Former Giro winner, Ivan Basso, will get on
a smart trainer to set a time on Zwift’s prologue stage this weekend, which should
set a standard to which many will aspire.

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