Watch: Slopestyle star builds backyard MTB course

British Mountain bike slopestyle star Matt Jones could have taken things easy during the lockdown, but he decided to keep his groove on by building a mind-boggling trick course and pit bike track in his backyard.

The 26-year-old went into lockdown with his fiancee at their Woburn home, while his friend and videographer buddy Ben also stayed with them.

Backyard slopestyle

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Backyard slopestyle:Matt Jones poses for a portrait in Manchester, the United Kingdom on 15 October 2019. Mountain bike slopestyle star Jones could have taken it easy during the lockdown in his native Britain, but he decided to keep his groove on by building an amazing trick course and pit bike track in his own backyard. Photo: Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool.

The backyard was originally pegged as just a lawn for the Moose the dog to run around in, however, the slopestyle star managed to persuade his fiancée to let him have half of the area for his project.

Jones and his videographer friend undertook back-breaking wheelbarrow shifts and also used a ride-on lawnmower trailer to haul dirt to mould jumps.

Shifting piles of dirt

The course starts with three rollers that splits into five pump track and technical lines that can be navigated in over ten different ways with a step-up, chunky spine, shark fin, hip and big jump that gives Jones enough challenges to stay in tune with his bike.

Even though the big jump only measures 1.4 metres in height, compared to the four-metre high ones on the professional slopestyle circuit, it still needs focus. The narwhal was built almost vertical with a clay lip, so Jones could drift backwards across to the big jump, while the chunky spine was made of rock hard clay.

Jones said the course isn’t intended to push his limits but is a great way for him to stay sharp while staying at home.

“With having so much time, it was important to find a way to keep riding my bike. This was the only solution,” The Brit, who has built a big global reputation as one of slopestyle’s most innovative exponents, told

“The aim wasn’t about doing massive tricks, just staying on my bike and keeping fit and active with my riding.”

Jones placed ninth in the 2018 Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship Standings and is looking forward to improving that when the sport returns.

Backyard slopestyle

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