Trippin’ With Skhumba: What you need to know about Tumi Morake

While this is the last trip to meet the families and see the homes of our favourite SA comedians, there is still the season finale comedy show to look forward to next week. We get to see all of Skhumba’s friends from the first season perform live.

Before that, though, we visit Bloemfontein to catch up with 2016 Comedian’s Choice Comedian of the year Tumi Morake. Morake is no stranger to causing waves with both her comedy and outspoken political views which she may have inherited from her parents.

Praise for her parents

During apartheid, both her parents were arrested for treason. Tumi tells Skhumba that she feels like an extension of her mother. She explains:

“My mother made me who I am, man. […] If my mom had been born now, I feel like I’m pretty much a picture of what she could’ve been and would’ve been. My mother was outspoken; she was a pioneer in many respects; my mother was fearless.”

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The Queen of SA Comdey, Tumi Morake. Image supplied: Showmax/Justin Dingwall

Acting career

While Tumi has continued to blossom as a comic and stage personality, she initially wanted to act until it became clear that acting talent wasn’t the main criteria when casting roles. She tells Skhumba;

“When I came to Joburg and went to Wits to study, I knew I wanted to be an actor. But because I’m chubby – I don’t have a conventional look – it was hard to get acting work. The hot chicks were getting the work. And yes, there were some talented chicks getting the work but if I look at my age group, it was mostly about how you look than whether you have the talent or not.”

Tune in this week to get to know this fascinating South African comic and learn more about her journey. If you were on the fence about whether you should give Trippin’ With Skhumba a try, Tumi has the answer for you:

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Image supplied: Showmax/Justin Dingwall

“Skhumba’s like a fungus; he just grows on you. I agreed to this trip because I’ve decided that I need to laugh even more this year, and when you hang out with Skhumba you’re guaranteed to walk away with a six-pack.”

You heard it here first. Watch Showmax’s Trippin’ with Skhumba weekly on Thursday’s and laugh your way to a six-pack.

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