This restaurant is now serving cannabis pizza in South Africa

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Pizza restaurant and popular franchise, Col’Cacchio, will be the first restaurant in South Africa to serve cannabis pizza.

Yes, Col’Cacchio is set to launch their new pizzas in Cape Town where residents will be the first in SA to experience the well-known chain’s cannabis pizza from Tuesday. The development comes after the Department of Health announced that cannabis can be legally purchased in South Africa in May this year.

According to IOL, co-founder of Col’Cacchio, Kinga Baranowska, said: “The pizzas will be drizzled with AfricanPure Cannabidiol (CBD oil) which contains no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or synthetic chemicals, making it absolutely safe to enjoy. Customers will also be able to add CBD oil to any other dish on the menu at an additional cost of R25.”

Those who’d like to try the new selection can choose between the meat-free Green Goddess pizza (with grilled zucchini, feta and fresh basil), or the ‘meatier’ Mary Jane pizza (with chicken, Peppadews, mushrooms and avocado dressing).

Customers can also order and add CBD oil to any pasta or salad for an additional fee.

“If you’re wondering why we launched them, let’s be blunt: CBD is believed to have many benefits; it can help to reduce anxiety, alleviate arthritis, and act as an anti-inflammatory,” the chain said in an Instagram video when they launched the news.

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Earlier this year, the City of Cape Town explored the potential cannabis could offer to the local community by releasing land for the cultivation and production of medical marijuana in Atlantis.

The move to release the land, situated in the Atlantis economic development zone, is part of the city’s commitment to exploring new and emerging industries, according to a press release on their website.

Cape Town has always been fairly liberal when it comes to cannabis so there is unlikely to be much push back from residents, while the benefits of establishing a growing industry have been shown to be very positive elsewhere in the world.

“This move by the City gives us the opportunity to unlock the economic benefits with the resultant job creation opportunities that this emerging industry will present,” said the city’s mayoral committee member for economic opportunities and asset management, Alderman James Vos.

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