Smoke any trail with these Dagga mountain bike pedals

If you are a mountain biker who also
happens to be an ardent follower of the hemp or cannabis oil movement, you can
now have dagga pedals too.

The product in question is manufactured by
esteemed Canadian mountain bike component brand, Chromag.

Based in one of the world’s most desirable mountain bike trail locations, Whistler (British Columbia), Chromag produces an array of highly desirable components.

They specialise in steel mountain bike
frames and aluminium handlebars, stems and pedals. It is that last product line
which has piqued the interest of South African outdoor activity fanatics.

Chromag has just released the latest
version of its regarded mountain bike pedal and the name has fantastic
symbolism for South African mountain bikers.

It is called the Dagga and no, Chromag has
not made it from compressed hemp fibres or some cannabis oil extract.

The Dagga pedal is machined from aluminium
to ensure it remains grippy, even in wet and muddy conditions.

With an overall size of 120mm by 115mm, it has a large platform to ensure you stay planted and in control of your bike, even on the most technical of descents.

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Taking a stab at the name

But how did the name come about? Dagga
might be a colloquial term in Southern Africa, but it has no duplicitous
meaning or vernacular value in Canada, where Chromag is based.

The choice of Dagga as a name for their
mountain bike pedal has little to do with these Canadians wishing to engage in
disobedient marketing, but rather with simple phonetic pronunciation.

With its collection of 24 substantially
long grip pins, the Dagga is a very aggressively profiled flat pedal. It looks
like it literally has little ‘daggers’ protruding through its structure, and
hence the name: Dagga.

If you are interested in a pair of the latest Daggas for your mountain bike, they are available online and Chromag does ship globally. Pricing is R2400 for a pair.

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