‘Rege’s bottom’ not exactly family viewing for Bridgerton’s Ruby Barker

Ruby Barker admits that she hasn’t watched Bridgerton with her family as she doesn’t want to watch racy scenes with her father.

The 24-year-old actress plays Marina Thompson in the hit Netflix series but has no plans to settle down with her loved ones for a group viewing due to the volume of racy lovemaking scenes, quipping that she doesn’t want to look at co-star Rege-Jean Page’s bottom with her father.

Ruby Barker: ‘I’m perfectly fine watching it on my own’

When asked if she had watched the show back on the PrettyLittleThing: Behind Closed Doors podcast, Ruby said: “No oh god no, I don’t watch it with my family. I don’t need to look at Rege’s bottom with my dad!

“I’m perfectly fine watching it on my own, my sisters watched it and my grandad in the States has watched it as well.”

Rege-Jean Page a ‘gentleman’ and ‘lovely guy’

Ruby revealed that she is delighted that Rege has been praised for his portrayal of the Duke of Hastings in the period drama as he is a “gentleman” and a “lovely guy”.

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Rege-Jean Paul is the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix period drama ‘Bridgerton’. Image: Netflix/Supplied

She said: “Rege, who plays the Duke, his life has changed. I’m so happy for that boy, he’s just one of the nicest guys.

“We had the same hair and make-up stylists so we’d see each other in the mornings and he really is a gentleman. Through and through real life he’s just a lovely guy.”

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Diverse cast opens the door for Ruby Barker

Ruby was thrilled to be part of the show’s diverse cast as she feared she would never be able to star in a period drama because of her race.

She explained: “It literally means everything, I never thought I’d be in a period drama, in a role like Marina.

“I’d seen ‘Belle’ – the film about Dido Elizabeth Belle – who was a mixed race aristocrat in the Georgian period of time and I saw that film and was like, ‘Wow it would be so amazing to play that character but it’s already been made, I’m probably not gonna be in a period drama because of my race.’

“Then obviously getting the casting of ‘Bridgerton’ and seeing it’s a Shonda Rhimes thing, and that diversity is the main objective of the show it was just amazing to be a part of it.”

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