Read: Prince Harry talks about conservation in new letter for African Parks

Prince Harry recently wrote a letter for the 2019 annual report of African Parks, a conservation NGO, founded in 2000, that manages national parks and protected areas on behalf of governments and in collaboration with local communities across Africa. 

The Duke of Sussex wrote the letter as he was appointed the president of African Parks back in 2017. The Prince, who has taken a deep personal interest in frontline conservation projects that work to protect Africa’s natural heritage and support both wildlife and local communities, left the army in 2015 and went on to spend three months working on a number of such projects in Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana. Now, for African Parks’ 2019 annual report, Harry voiced his concerns over the future of the world and the risks humanity is facing. 

‘A future they deserve’

The Prince, whose son Archie turned one-year-old earlier this year, said that: “Since becoming a father, I feel the pressure is even greater to ensure we can give our children the future they deserve, a future that hasn’t been taken from them, and a future full of possibility and opportunity. I want us all to be able to tell our children that yes, we saw this coming, and with the determination and help from an extraordinary group of committed individuals, we did what was needed to restore these essential ecosystems.”

He also spoke about his well-known love for the African continent and its environment as well as his views on climate change and the urgent need to tackle it and modify our ways of life to save the world from a catastrophe.  

 “We are currently living through an extinction crisis, and now a global pandemic that has shaken us to our core and brought the world to a standstill. On the extinction crisis, the science is clear: we have perhaps a decade to course-correct before we lock in our fate. On this pandemic, while much is still unknown, some evidence suggests that the virus’ origins may be linked to our exploitation of nature.”

A love for the wild

The letter titled I have always loved wild places also shows Harry’s deep gratitude for the wild: “I have always been grateful for what wild places provide. Since my first trip to Africa as a young boy, I knew I would keep returning to this continent if I could, for its wildlife, for its people, and for its vast expanse. That is why I am so fortunate to have found African Parks and to have been asked to join them in 2017 as their President. I am hugely grateful for their clarity of purpose and am more motivated than ever to do all I can to advance the mission of protecting wild places, for wildlife, for people and for generations to come.”

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