Pitbull lovers defend the breed

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October is International Pitbull Awareness month. The breed is one of the dogs that is frequently in the media for all the wrong reasons.

The breed is often used for dog fighting and as a status symbol.

Supporters of the breed say a correctly raised pit bull makes a perfect family pet.

Pitbull rescuer Marizanne Ferreira says incompetent owners are the reason the breed has a bad reputation.

“In my opinion and I say this with respect, the reason for the bad reputation in the media, is incompetent owners and people who use them for the wrong reasons. pit bulls love people, they thrive on human contact, on human affirmation and they will do anything to please their owner.”

Thus, a pitbull in the wrong hands can be a dangerous weapon.

If the owner wants the dog to fight, the animal will do it as it will please its owner.

Dogs are described as a reflection of their family environment and training. Chris Ellington, who fosters pitbulls, says the dogs are wonderful pets when they have the right owners.

“Pitbulls with the right owners are wonderful pets. However, to be a responsible owner, you need to be dedicated to looking after them and keep them stimulated and trained.”

Stereotypically, there are dogs that are seen as aggressive, such as pitbulls and German Shepherds.

However, dog experts warn that one shouldn’t be fooled by the diminutive dachshund. Despite being cute and cuddly, they make the top 10 list of dogs most likely to bite humans.

Pitbull supporters defend the breed:

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