Naomi Bartlett, Cape Town: ‘Prison workout’ with trusty Dusty

After being cooped up at home for weeks, my focus changed.

I was working from home and seemed to have less and less free time. I was literally working day and night. This made me decide to do some form of daily exercise and to regard it as a “reward” for working hard.

My greatest challenge was to find an effective workout that could be done in a tiny space. After scouring various websites, I decided on a prison workout. Now I can get on with my training with my cat Dusty by my side to supervise and motivate me.

Pump it up in your #lockdownlife ‘cell’

61816640 naomi bartlett - Naomi Bartlett, Cape Town: ‘Prison workout’ with trusty Dusty

It’s very interesting how I arrived at the idea to search for a prison workout.

First of all, the inertia of adhering to strict lockdown regulations has meant that many of us have packed on the pounds.

Most people don’t have lots of room for a workout, so it set me thinking about using what space I had available.

I searched for a workout that could be done without any equipment, in a “cell” with dimensions of roughly 1.8m x 2.4m. You can use what is available, like bars, your bodyweight, etc.

A prison workout is quite punishing, but everyone can go at their own pace until they become stronger.

The idea is to do as much as you can and to keep building on that. Also, with many not wanting to return to the gym — myself included — I think this will become part of my new way of life.

Dusty in the ‘good mood’ mix

My cat is called Dusty. He accompanies me everywhere and is always close-by during my workouts. As you could perhaps see from the state of my yoga mat, he’s given it a good clawing after practising his downward dog pose! 

Exercise is truly the best mood booster. I feel optimistic about the future despite our current circumstances.

5d0e8c77 dusty yoga lockdownlife - Naomi Bartlett, Cape Town: ‘Prison workout’ with trusty Dusty
Dusty takes a breather after his ‘downward dog’ yoga position…Photo: Naomi Bartlett

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