Joker: South African release date, cast, trailer and more

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Warner Bros. recently released its first trailer for their new stand-alone film, Joker and fans are freaking out.

The upcoming origin story of the Joker was directed by Todd Phillips and stars Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character. The development of the film began in August 2017 after Warner Bros. and DC Films decided to “deemphasize the shared nature of the DC Universe”.

According to The Verge, Phoenix is the latest in a long line of actors to take on the Joker character, including Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, and Cameron Monaghan in the television series Gotham

Joker: South African release date

Joker is set to be released in South Africa on 4 October 2019.

Joker: The Cast and Plot

According to Metro, the film is set in the 1980’s and is an origin story based on the Joker’s alter ego, failed stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck – and how he went on to become one of the most diabolical villains in comic book history.

According to the synopsis, the movie ‘centres around the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen.’

Apart from Phoenix, the film also features Robert de Niro, Atlanta star Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, Frances Conrot, Douglas Hodge, Shea Whigham and Bill Camp.

Joker: Teaser Trailer

Since the trailer was released on 3 April, it went on to clock in over 13 million views within 12 hours.

So far, people are loving the teaser:

“I hope the move is as incredible as this trailer,” said one YouTube user.

“Masterpiece with epic soundtrack,” said another.

“I really loved this trailer, and I hope the movie is awesome. The trailer looks Oscar worthy on its own.”

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