Jobs of the future: Here is what a few of them will look like

Although tech skills will be key to jobs of the future, the “soft” skills of networking and getting along with people will remain relevant.

It’s therefore a good idea to find out what skills and jobs will be needed in the future as the market evolves .

Nurses and software developers, for example, are likely to be at the forefront of future career choices. 

Other professions that will continue to boom include the medical and tech industries. Jobs in these sectors are likely to keep growing and pay very well. Skills in tech will continue being indispensable in the future job market.

However, the “soft” skills such as the ability to network and get on with people will always be relevant. 

With the job market becoming more dynamic, new research studies can give us better insight than ever before into what the jobs of the future will look like. The types of jobs emerging in the global economy come from a wide range of professions and skills, enabling people to take advantage of emerging jobs and the new economy. 

Tech skills will dominate 

32e29fc0 techy2 - Jobs of the future: Here is what a few of them will look like
The demand for tech skills is growing. Image: Pixabay

Not all jobs emerging in this field will need hard tech skills although most will need basic tech skills. These include digital literacy, graphic design, or web development, which are also among the fastest-growing areas overall.

Most jobs of the future will call for disruptive tech skills such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, or cloud computing. Jobs requiring AI are very dynamic and many roles in areas such as marketing and sales will require a basic understanding.

People skills still important

db03d1ee techy3 - Jobs of the future: Here is what a few of them will look like
People skills will remain relevant for the jobs of the future. Image: Pixabay

Even though they aren’t growing as rapidly as tech-dominated jobs anymore, new human resources (HR), sales, and content production roles are also emerging in the rapidly growing tech industry.

Other jobs such as talent recruitment specialists, customer service specialists and social media assistants are also among the fastest-growing professions. These roles rely more on diverse skill sets especially soft skills.

Whatever field you will be working in, your network will still play a part in determining your net worth. There are other issues at play also, such as an increasing drive to close the gender and skills gap. This means encouraging more women to enter previously male-dominated fields, such as IT for example, and more men into careers often filled with a higher percentage of women, such as nursing.

This depends on a lot more than simply ensuring that you have the right skills on your CV. Who you know matters, which is why it is key to also focus on bridging the “network” gap.

Closing the gender gap 

Research shows that the largest gender gaps among emerging jobs are in roles that rely heavily on disruptive tech skills. The number of women represented in careers across cloud, engineering, and data is below 30%. Closing this gap is very important because tech-based jobs of the future will have an enormous impact on the direction of the economy and society.

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