Easy and Delicious: Decadent Caramel Lamingtons Recipe

This treat originates from Australia, originally made by Lord Lamington’s chef to feed unexpected guests. They have since become a South African favourite.

The caramel layer adds an extra decadence to this decade old classic recipe.

Caramel Lamingtons Recipe

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Delicious squares of sponge cake, filled with caramel are coated in a layer of chocolate and then rolled in coconut.


  • 1 cubed vanilla sponge cake (cut into 16 pieces)

  • 150 ml caramel

  • 180 ml boiling water

  • 350 ml sugar

  • salt

  • 30 ml cacao

  • 10 ml butter

  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

  • 200 grams coconut to roll the cakes in


  • In a sauce pan, bring the water, sugar, salt, cacao, butter and vanilla essence to a boil. Remove from heat.
  • In a shallow dish, pour a third of the sauce in the dish.
  • In second dish, have your coconut ready.
  • Slice each cake in half, spread a generous amount of caramel and stick the 2 halves together.
  • Roll each piece of cake in the sauce, covering both sides.
  • Place the cake in the middle of your coconut dish, covering the cake with coconut. Place on dripping tray to cool and dry.
  • Repeat from step 2 until all the cakes are coated in chocolate and coconut.

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