Become part of the STEPtember campaign to help children born with clubfoot

What is clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a treatable disability, but if left untreated, can cause severe difficulty. Children with untreated clubfoot cannot wear shoes or walk properly because their feet are rigid, turned inwards and pointed down. 

This is the challenge that faces hundreds of babies and children attending clubfoot clinics in South Africa. 

Sadly, there are many children living with the shame, pain, and isolation of disability caused by untreated clubfoot, with about 150,000 new cases worldwide and more than 80% of these in developing countries. 

STEPS Clubfoot Care

STEPS is a non-profit organisation, based in Cape Town, that improves the lives of children born with clubfoot. Itsupports 35 clubfoot clinics in the state sector. It provides training, parent education, clinic support and clubfoot braces to ensure that more children can access their vital treatment. 

The non-invasive and effective Ponseti method is the gold standard of clubfoot treatment and is used in South African clubfoot clinics nationally. 

STEPS, founded in 2005, has helped over 10 000 children have access to life-changing treatment. Also, almost 600 medical professionals have received training and over 9 000 clubfoot braces distributed in this time. 

The STEPtember challenge on BackaBuddy

Starting this September, Steps Clubfoot Care is challenging all South Africans to pledge 300 000 steps this month to remove the stigma around and to help raise funds for children affected by clubfoot.

Already signed up to the challenge is 32-year-old record-breaking para-athlete, Charne Felix from Cape Town, who was born with clubfoot. 

“I was born with a unilateral clubfoot and underwent numerous surgeries. I had my first surgery at a day old and wore a cast up to my hip. After the surgery, I was put in boots and later wore Pronator Boots every day up until I was five years old. Creating more awareness about clubfoot is what excites me. STEPtember helps to create awareness and eliminate the shame due to ignorance or being uninformed. Clubfoot is treatable, and the deformity is not permanent. I am so proud to be a Steps ambassador,” says Charne.

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Charne Felix

“Every step you take during STEPtember helps to remove the stigma of clubfoot, spread the message that it is treatable, and provides support for these amazing kids. That should keep you motivated! And bonus – you start your summer with an extra spring in your step – and a bit fitter and leaner,” says Luke Engel, STEPS marketing manager.

What you need to do

  • Sign up to create your campaign on donations based crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy and set a fundraising target for yourself that you think you can reach.
  • On social media, let your followers know what inspired you to take on the challenge for STEPS and share your BackaBuddy link for donations.
  • Don’t forget to get your 10 000 STEPS in.

#WearYellowForClubfoot #STEPtemberSA #10000Steps4Clubfoot

“We currently reach about 50% of children born with clubfoot and have a goal to make that 100% by 2022. For every R2500 we raise, we’re able to support these initiatives with full treatment support for one child. We hope the public will support our challenge on BackaBuddy through direct donations or by signing up to our STEPtember challenge,” says Luke. 

Sign up on BackaBuddy here. 

For more information, please email

You can also make a donation directly to STEPS by visiting their BackaBuddy profile here.

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