Baboons ‘panic buy’ some toilet paper in Buffels Bay [photo]

A new photo making its rounds on social media shows two baboons seemingly getting in on ‘panic buying’ some toilet paper in Buffels Bay near Knysna. The photo taken by Brett Cole and shared on social media, shows the two chacma baboons running with a roll of toilet paper it took from a public restroom.

Baboons ‘panic buy’ toilet paper

<3 They also went panic shopping ???? <3 1f600 - Baboons ‘panic buy’ some toilet paper in Buffels Bay [photo]1f600 - Baboons ‘panic buy’ some toilet paper in Buffels Bay [photo] A juvenile chacma baboon from the Buffels Bay troop with a roll of…

Posted by Heart for Primates on Monday, March 16, 2020

Social media users noted that the baboons are in on panic buying toilet paper – something which people all over the world have been panic buying after the coronavirus outbreak. It looks like toilet paper is one of the most sought-after items people are looking for. Other items include hand sanitzers, anti-bacterial wipes, milk, dried pasta and tinned vegetables.

Panic buying

It is said that some of SA’s biggest supermarkets are limiting purchases of some food products and medicines after frantic shoppers stripped shelves to prepare for possible isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

As the spread of the infection triggers panic buying across the world, South African retailers are saying they are working with their suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of products like meat and canned food, and medicine.

For one, Shoprite said it is now rationing the sale of toilet paper, tissues, wipes, liquid soap, hand sanitizer as well as some tinned foods, cereals, antiseptic disinfectant liquids, medicines and vitamins while Woolworths said it is introducing a limit of only three items per product and per customer on every grocery line. Makro has also restricted purchases of essential items like rice, frozen chicken and toilet paper.

Meanwhile, Pick n Pay said that they are a reliable brand. “We would like to assure you that you can continue to rely on Pick n Pay during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond. We have already seen an increase in purchases of certain products, and we ask customers to shop responsibly and with their community in mind.”

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