Mabe warns Magashule’s supporters against undermining party’s leadership

SABC NEWS ACE MAGASHULE 1 - Mabe warns Magashule’s supporters against undermining party’s leadership

African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Pule Mabe has warned party secretary-general Ace Magashule’s supporters against undermining the ANC leadership, saying strong action will be taken against them. This after some supporters were seen burning t-shirts bearing President Cyril Ramaphosa’s face on Friday.

Angry ANC members burn t-shirts with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s face: 

Mabe has condemned the action of some supporters of Magashule. “The national officials of the ANC have already issued a statement to the members of the ANC on how they are really supposed to conduct themselves around this that’s why earlier on when there were scenes of t-shirts of the president were bearing the face of the president. The national officials and the SHG himself has really spoken against such conducts so if people come here and they are showing support in their own capacities they must do so in a dignified manner.”

On Friday Magashule appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court in the Free State, in connection with corruption charges related to the alleged irregular awarding of the R255-million asbestos roofing assessment tender. Magashule was granted bail of R200 000 and will be back in court on February the 19th next year.

Ace Magashule’s appearance in court:

Support for Magashule

#FeesMustFall activist, Mcebo Dlamini says they will support Magashule through thick and thin.

“Remember the secretary-general is the heart of the ANC. The core when you talk of the political party, the SG is the mantle, the aorta of the movement. When you attack the aorta, you’re killing the ANC. So we are here to support him not that he’s guilty, not that he’s not guilty. We are not talking about the merits and the demerits of the matter, but we are with the SG all the way. Whether he’s found guilty and taken to jail we support him.”

ANC NEC member Tony Yengeni says they are unapologetic in their support for Magashule.

“I’m a member of the ANC, I’m a member of the NEC. I’m here in my right as a member of the ANC, not just as an individual and nobody is going to deny me the right to be here today and wear ANC colours. I fought for these colours, I took up arms, I went to prison for these colours. So no one is going to stop me from supporting the SG of the ANC in my ANC colours.”

Top ANC leaders in Bloemfontein to support Ace Magashule:

Magashule Adamant no one can remove him from ANC

Magashule is adamant that no one can remove him from the ruling party. He says he will only respect the voices of ANC branches because they elected him. Magashule says he can go to every individual in the ruling party and point out what they have done.

“This is the ANC of masses. So don’t come and claim because I can do what you are doing and go to everything individual that’s how we are taught. So l will never leave the ANC. I will remain in ANC, you won’t remove me. I will remain there. I will go and work with you at the ANC.”

Statement on the indictment of Ace Magashule and co-accused:


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