Western Cape ANC suspends treasurer over Survé’s ‘tainted’ donation

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The African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape has suspended treasurer Maurencia Gillion for her handling of a dubious donation from media magnate, Iqbal Survé.

The donation, intended for use in the ANC’s provincial electoral campaign, elicited outrage from both opposition parties and the public alike. Survé, who has a vested interest in Independent Media via his main conglomerate, Sekunjalo Investments, donated R1 million to the ANC in the Western Cape. Despite the backlash, Survé reiterated that it was part of his civic duty to support ‘progressive political forces’ in South Africa.

Survé’s hot donation returned by the ANC

Survé’s donation, however, proved too hot to handle and was returned just days before voting began.

The Commission of Inquiry concerning corruption within the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) has implicated Survé in a number of irregularities. The ANC, under the leadership of president Cyril Ramaphosa, has promised to cut ties with any cadres involved in corrupt dealings, which, ostensibly, led to the return of Survé’s pecuniary patronage.

The provincial structures of the ANC issued a statement
which accompanied the refund, saying:

“Due to the fact that this [donation] happened mere three days before the election, we had no time to do an assessment to consider how such a donation would be perceived given the revelations made at the Commission of Inquiry into allegations of impropriety regarding the Public Investment Corporation.”

Provincial Treasurer suspended, pending investigative outcomes

After the electoral dust had settled – with the ANC losing
support both nationally and in the Western Cape – the provincial chapter
announced that it would be launching an investigation into Survé’s donation. In
addition, the ANC in the Western Cape announced, on Wednesday, that it had
suspended Gillion, pending the investigation’s outcomes.

Acting Provincial Chairperson, Khaya Magaxa, explained that
the Provincial Working Committee (PWC) had come to a general consensus regarding
party funding procedures and subsequent investigate undertakings, saying:

“The PWC took a decision to summarily suspend membership of the Provincial Treasurer while this matter is being thoroughly investigated.”

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