Watch: ‘President Ram-poza’ – why Donald Trump just name-dropped Cyril

Well, how about that? Donald Trump has given a special nod to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa during one of his daily briefings on Thursday, confirming that he spoke with our head of state about the coronavirus threat and its global implications.

Donald Trump speaks of his call with Cyril Ramaphosa

Both South Africa and the US converged for a G20 Summit, which was held remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While discussing several of the leaders that were involved in the conference, Ramaphosa got a little name-drop. apparently, he was part of a ‘terrific’ meeting. Trump stated:

“We had a terrific meeting, speaking with the likes of President Putin of Russia and the King of Saudi Araba. We spoke with President Ramaphosa of South Africa… We talked about the problem and hopefully it won’t be a problem for too much longer.”

Donald Trump

But not everyone was happy with POTUS’ address – nothing new there, of course – and suggested he was prone to going off-tangent a few times; including some non-sequiters about NFL player Tom Brady.

Watch – President Ram-poza part of a “terrific” discussion

South Africa officially entered lockdown at 23:59 on Thursday night. SANDF soldiers were given a final send-off by Ramaphosa, who utilised his power as Commander-In-Chief (no, not the one in the Red Beret) to ask our servicemen and women to fulfill their mandate, and “defeat an invisible enemy” while saving lives.

For those of you who wanted to hear Donald Trump’s pronunciation, we found this. “Ram-poza” will probably stick now, as well…

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