South African man accused of leading FBI-monitored neo-nazi group

Extensive research into the background of Francois Kemp has prodcued damning evidence of his involvement with The Base – a neo-nazi organisation who are on the FBI’s watchlist for terrorist activity.

A report produced by fascism watchdog Unicorn Riot outlines the depths of Kemp’s apparent hatred for black South Africans. His relatively pedestrian Twitter account has since been deactivated, but what is believed to be his remaining digital fingerprint is cause for serious concern.

Who is Francois Kemp?

Kemp, based in Cape Town, has allegedly been made the head of the group’s operations in South Africa. The right-wing extremists are looking to exploit the land expropriation proposals in order to prompt a “race war” between black and white citizens. Historical chat logs also linked Kemp to fantasises about an “ethnic cleansing” in Mzansi.

On the social media site Riot – essentially a right-wing forum – Francois Kemp is said to have posted under the identity of both “Cempa” and “Kalasnikov”. The communications with US-based racists are nothing short of jaw-dropping, as he shares his hopes for an Eskom collapse to spark a white-vs-black battle for survival:

89f92fe2 francois kempt nazi fbi - South African man accused of leading FBI-monitored neo-nazi group
An exchange between Kemp’s online profile and other right-wing extremists (Photo: Supplied)

Who are neo-nazi organisation The Base?

The Base is an international neo-nazi network focused on training in firearms, explosives and guerrilla warfare. The group advise members to plan attacks against non-whites and Jewish citizens, and also advocate violence against certain journalists and public figures.

The group found their way onto the FBI’s radar in 2018. Their members have been linked to other neo-nazi outfits who conducted terrorist offences on American soil. They have been flagged recently for encouraging their followers to take hints and tips from ISIS when it comes to building their own explosives.

63379d46 the base sa - South African man accused of leading FBI-monitored neo-nazi group
The Base have officially begun their South African recruitment programme, said to be orchestrated by Francois Kemp. (Photo – Supplied)

Francois Kemp and the Suidlanders

All that hatred, and yet, they both far more similar than either party would have you believe. Kemp has also been accused of trying to set up a meeting between his American counterparts and the Suidlanders – the infamous white supremacists of South Africa currently preparing for a race war.

Further posts by ‘Cempa’ indicate that he has been in touch with the Suidlanders and received tactical updates from the group regarding “primary extraction points” and evacuation routes. The extremists are communicating and connecting with all types of like-minded orgaisations across the world.

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