Six more ‘SA weather records’ broken – history made in Limpopo, Mpumalanga

This has been one hell of a cold front, and northern parts of South Africa are now seeing long-standing weather records tumble. On Tuesday, we reported nine different historic changes in KZN and Free State – just 24 hours later, towns in Limpopo and Mpumalanga are recording unprecedented temperatures and rainfall totals.

Weather forecast for Wednesday 2 September, including Limpopo and Mpumalanga

Things brighten up a little in Limpopo on Wednesday, with the temperatures also climbing. However, Mpumalanga is experiencing more grey and miserable weather with intermittent showers to boot.

Load shedding adds to woes as cold front continues to bite

The cold front is expected to pass over and through South Africa by the weekend, but it may not be enough to help ease the burden of demand on Eskom. The electricity providers have implemented Stage 4 load shedding on Wednesday, which will remain in place until 22:00. It’s arguably the last thing we’ve needed during an already challenging time.

In total, six weather records have fallen over the most-recent 24-hour period. Although the South African Weather Service has listed Bourke’s Luck as another record-breaker, their weather station isn’t based near a town or settlement, and the data for this particular region remains inconclusive. However, both Giyani and Tzaneen have two new rainfall and temperature values to share with the country:

More weather records for South Africa

  • Both the ‘highest daily rain value’ and the ‘lowest maximum temperature’ changed for Giyani on Monday.
  • Tzaneen-Westfalia also recorded new rainfall and maximum temperature records.
  • Machadodorp and Kruger Airport felt the chill of the cold front, as each of their max temps plummeted this week.
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The penultimate column reflects how long the previous record had stood for – Photo: South African Weather Service (SAWS)

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