New legal bid may force Zuma to attend Zondo Commission next month

The Zondo Commission and its legal team have drawn the ire of Jacob Zuma and his representatives this week, after they filed an application to get a subpoena signed and authorised. If approved, the document would legally force the former president to appear at the State Capture Inquiry – or face severe punitive action.

Raymond Zondo steps-up subpoena bid vs JZ

The blood between Zuma and Zondo has soured dramatically in the past few weeks. Msholozi launched a scathing attack against the Deputy Chief Justice, accusing him of ‘acting with corrupt interests’. He demanded that Zondo recuse himself from his own Commission – believing that the DCJ has an inherent bias against him.

Jacob Zuma is never shy to cry ‘conspiracy’ when it suits him, and his team of lawyers seem to be following suit. This amended subpoena application was filed late on Monday evening, ahead of an official hearing on Friday 9 October. It gave the defending advocates just three business days to prepare, and they’ve spent some of that time chastising Zondo.

Will Jacob Zuma go back to the State Capture Inquiry?

Their statement, issued via the Jacob Zuma Foundation, berates DCJ Zondo for failing to play by his own rules. If the application is successful, JZ would be compelled to appear at the Commission from 16 – 20 November. But lawyers defending the 78-year-old have slammed the panel for ‘bastardising due legal processes’. Eish…

“We have noted with concern an application served on Jacob Zuma and his legal team, regarding a moot application to subpoena the former president. This amended application seeks an order to authorize the signing and issuing of a summons to compel our client to appear before the Commission from 16 – 20 November.”

“This new application is nothing but a ruse, and the outcome has already been determined. We hope the public can see this Commission for what it is: A political process parading as a legal one. It’s nothing but a bastardisation of the law for those who pull the strings from behind. There is a continued bias against Jacob Zuma here.”

Lawyers for Jacob Zuma

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