Nehawu members in North West Legislature upset at ANC decision not to address them

ANC Flag - Nehawu members in North West Legislature upset at ANC decision not to address them

Trade union Nehawu members in the North West Legislature are upset by the African National Congress’ decision not to address them today.

Instead, opposition parties listened to their grievances.

Staff downed tools citing corruption and flawed structural implementation, leading to some managers allegedly getting large increases while other employees had their positions downgraded.

There are allegations of top managers in the legislature implementing structural changes and giving themselves salary increases of up to 40% while downgrading other legislature staff members.

Nehawu Regional Chairperson Pretty Moirwagale says, “They downgraded some staff members but with management, they decided to advantage all managers. The annual report of 2019/2020,  it was clear that the salary plus benefits of the secretary, R2.8 million. After this exercise, it has gone beyond. The salary of the President is R2.9 million, and when you put it together it is clear that the secretary here earns far more than the President.”

The disgruntled employees are beyond dissatisfied.

Marry Mahlakeng and Tshepo Lekoma are some of the employees of the legislature.

Mahlakeng says, “We were just told that our positions no longer exist in the new structure. I have been working here for more than 11 years.”

Lekoma says, “What has happened to me is disheartening and makes me emotional because I received a letter that is tantamount to constructive dismissal. The letter that I received says my salary bracket is lower than what I am currently earning.”

Workers anticipated to be addressed by the speaker of the legislature, but to their shock, their complaints were acknowledged by opposition parties.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member of the legislature Lebogang Xaba says, “The plight that you came up with we’ve seen them. It is not for the first time. Those things are being raised. We will take the matter with the head of the institution, which is the speaker and then if the speaker doesn’t take steps we will also raise it in the legislature.”

Democratic Alliance (DA) member of the legislature, Freddy Sonakile, says it is disappointing that the speaker could not address the workers

“It is quite shocking that the speaker will ignore you. We are just from a sitting. The seating is continuing as we speak with you now. Your leaders are arrogant and they don’t care. We raised this as a party that there are people outside picketing. The chief whip of the ANC and the chair are saying that this is a rented mob.”

This feedback exasperated the workers.

Deputy Chairperson of Nehawu in the North West Leonard Choeneemang says, “How do you show workers that you just don’t care about them when you are in governance. So, it is simply saying the North West workers don’t have the ANC. ”

Nehawu has further accused top management of corruption and called for those responsible for the alleged irregularities to be investigated.

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