KZN weather: Taxi carrying passengers swept away by floods [video]

KZN weather has remained volatile, with heavy showers and thunderstorms expected on Thursday, 14 November. Motorists have been warned to practice extreme caution on the road.

Fortunately, for this taxi, a series of concrete bollards saved it, and its passengers, from the unthinkable after it was swept away by flash floods.

Emergency services save taxi passengers in Camps Drift

Emergency services, in KZN, have been battling with the terrible impact of the torrential conditions the province has been hit with recently.

For the entire week, KZN weather has brought heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and a tornado that ripped through small towns, claiming two lives and destroying homes and infrastructure.

Pietermaritzburg has also been drenched in floods. Wet roads and overflowing river streams have made it impossible for vehicles to drive. In Camps Drift, a taxi, carrying three passengers and a driver, was swept into the Duzi river stream, on Wednesday afternoon.

According to ER24, the taxi was travelling on Barnsley Road, attempting to cross over the bridge when it got caught by the momentum of the overflown stream.

Fortunately, concrete bollards that were stuck in the river caught the vehicle before it dropped further over into the deeper water.

“Two men had managed to climb to safety at that point, but two others, a man and a woman, were taken by the river. By the time ER24 were on the scene just before 6 pm, Search & Rescue had managed to pull the two others from the reeds further down the river,” the emergency service noted in a statement.

The victims survived the incident with minor bruises and abrasions. They were all transported to Edendale Hospital for further treatment.

You can watch the video below.

KZN weather: Rainfall predictions for Thursday, 14 November readings suggest that it is going to be another very wet day in most parts of the province, on Thursday. Areas such as Dundee, Newcastle and central Durban are expected to be hit with heavy rainfall as precipitation levels are predicted to range between 4.5mm to as much as 10mm.

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Emergency services and law enforcement officials have been deployed to high-risk areas in the province, to assist should the KZN weather cause any further destruction.

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