Gauteng motorists pleased with roadblock on N1 Carousel Plaza

SABC News Gauteng - Gauteng motorists pleased with roadblock on N1 Carousel Plaza

Gauteng motorists responded well to an unannounced roadblock at the N1 Carousel Plaza. Scores of holidaymakers are returning home.

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, joined law enforcement agencies at the roadblock to check compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

Most motorists welcomed the initiative. “I think the whole process is good,” says one of the motorists. Another motorist says, “It is important because COVID-19 is out of control and by screening us, checking whether we’re positive or negative it’s very important.”

Traffic volume increases as holidaymakers return to Gauteng:

Makhura says he is satisfied with the level of compliance from drivers and passengers alike.

“I must say that there has been a lot of cooperation from people on our roads. There has been significant compliance at least for those who are travelling in public transports, who are on the road. They are wearing their masks and we want to continue to urge them. One of the messages we’re saying to them is when you get home don’t take off the mask because we depend entirely on the cooperation of citizens in the fight against COVID. They are not doing this compliance for the government. You are wearing the mask to help save a life.”

Makhura further stated that authorities will continue with roadblocks on the province’s roads for the foreseeable future. He says the more tests done the more it is easy for authorities to identify where the virus is prevalent.

“These operations are continuing throughout the week on all the major roads. I’m very glad that we’re seeing a lot of people who are volunteering to test. People who are coming here at the roadblocks many of them are volunteering and we want to urge people if you don’t feel well please make sure you go to a health facility. You present yourself there. You get checked there, they screen you. They will also be able to test you so that we know the actual prevalence of the pandemic .”

The roadblocks continued at the Brits Plaza in the border between North West and Gauteng, as well as the Diamond hill Toll Plaza between Gauteng and Mpumalanga on the N4 highway.


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