Beer truck crash: N3 brought to a standstill as looters raid free booze

Locals in Bedfordview have made the most of a beer truck driver’s misfortune on Friday afternoon, after the vehicle shed its load on the N3 running through Johannesburg. The containment of alcohol was strewn across both carriageways, causing lane closures on both the north and southbound routes.

Beer truck loses its load in Gauteng

The chaos was reported shortly after 13:00. Another truck slammed into the liquor-transporting lorry, and a passenger vehicle has also been involved in the carnage. No deaths have yet been reported in this multi-vehicle accident.

After crates of broken booze bottles effectively shutdown the N3, looters sensed an opportunity. Their weekend started early, as opportunists from nearby locations hopped onto the carriageway to swipe their free alcohol. That’s a few evenings on the source sorted in Bedfordview, put it that way…

Free booze Friday on the N3

Drivers planning to use this stretch of the N3 are still being advised to use alternative routes. This is the third major booze spill that has led to widespread looting in Gauteng since June. With no alcohol ban in place at this stage of lockdown, the thrill of some free liquor certainly isn’t lost on those who grabbed whatever they could on Friday.

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