SA has been led by people with no backbone: Vavi

SABC News Vavi - SA has been led by people with no backbone: Vavi

The General Secretary of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU), Zwelinzima Vavi, says South Africa has had a lacking, spineless leadership in the last 25 years.

Vavi says the country has been led by people with no backbone, who could not lead society into a different direction away from South Africa’s economic crisis.

He says he does not believe President Cyril Ramaphosa will make any significant changes to address economic imbalances and that compassionate capitalism does not exist in the country.

“Not in a country where top CEOs are earning R17 to R23 million annually, but are asking workers to earn R3500 or R20 an hour. There is no compassion in capital. The profit objectives remain the primary objective of what they are doing on a daily basis, completely ignoring the crisis at hand on an economic level,” says Vavi.

Vavi says SAFTU’s appeal is for Ramaphosa and the incoming cabinet to have a review and admit that the economic policies have not worked for the benefit of the greater majority of South Africa’s people.

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