Former SAA board member accuses State Capture Commission of being biased

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Former South African Airways (SAA) board member and chairperson at SAA Technical Yakhe Kwinana has accused the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture of being biased. Kwinana who has been implicated in various wrongdoings by witnesses says the commission’s investigation team chose to investigate certain aspects of fraud and corruption at SAA related to certain people.

She has accused the commission’s investigation team of failing to do its job -including investigating the Open Water Report which has names various individuals in fraud and corruption at SAA.

Kwinana is alleged to have been one of the people at the center of State Capture at SAA, where a climate of fear and intimidation presided under her leadership. She is also alleged to have received kickbacks and bribes amounting to millions of rands. She has denied the allegations.

“I was advised by my attorney off record that I would apply for recusal of Ms. (Kate) Hofmeyr on the grounds that she is biased against me because basically she said in more than one occasion she puts it to witness that I am involved in corrupt activities without even being given interviews or an opportunity to seat here. I however decided to come to the commission and put the record straight.”

The Commission’s evidence leader Kate Hofmeyr says they have had a series of attacks from former chairperson at SAA Technical Yakhe Kwinana and her lawyer.

The commission’s investigation team has denied claims that Kwinana was not offered enough time to respond and make an affidavit to allegations leveled against her. Hofmeyr says both Kwinana and her lawyer have repeatedly attacked the commission and have refused to co-operate.

Kwinana is currently giving evidence at the commission of Inquiry into State Capture. She has been implicated in fraud and corruption while at the helm of the organisation.

In the video below Yakhe Kwinana is giving part of her evidence

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