KEEPING OUR WORD: Sustainability at H+K Strategies

Hill+Knowlton Strategies believes in the wise use of Earth’s natural resources. Improving our firm’s sustainability contributes to our competitiveness, continued growth and ability to provide valued services to our clients around the world.

In order to achieve our sustainability objectives, H+K endorses the following global environmental commitments, which are reflected in our offices’ sustainability management systems and business practices.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies will use resources sustainably in all our operations around the world.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies offices are located in many different parts of the world, each with unique challenges and opportunities.

In order to harness the creativity, expertise and commitment of our people, each office will commit to our global environmental sustainability objectives, and implement them locally in the best and most meaningful way.

Our offices will establish benchmarks, measure, monitor and report the results of our efforts so that we are able to progressively build on best practices in environmental sustainability.

H+K will raise awareness for environmental sustainability among our employees and other stakeholders, leverage and share the diverse experience, insight and best practices gained company to address the unique challenges presented in local markets.


We will identify and consider sustainable choices throughout the supply chain of products and services used and provided by Hill+Knowlton Strategies through responsible procurement practices.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies offices will look for opportunities to reduce energy use and more efficiently manage energy consumption. As part of WPP, Hill+Knowlton Strategies has committed to a global target for the reduction of carbon emissions

Resource Management

We will reduce the amount of waste generated in our operation by using less new materials, optimizing the recovery of materials for re-use and recycling, and exploring ways to more efficiently use existing resource. We will ensure the proper disposal of any electronic wasted generated by operations.


At the corporate, country and office levels, we will raise awareness about environmental sustainability among our employees and other stakeholders through regular communication and engagement. We will elicit and share best practices for continued progress and improvement.


We will measure and monitor our commitments and their implementation in our offices around the world. We will share our progress with our colleagues and other stakeholders as we continue to improve, inspire and implement more environmentally sustainable practices in our operations.