Globally the healthcare sector is facing enormous challenges around regulation, affordability and the increasing incidence of chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

In Africa these challenges are compounded by massive inequality, a shortage of healthcare professionals, a high incidence of HIV-AIDS infections and low access to running water and sanitation. While much progress is being made, Africa lags behind the world on all indicators of health.

But the whole continent is not blighted: there are many success stories of government, private firms and NGOs working together to come up with ideas and programmes that have had a big, positive impact on local communities.



In a continent where parallel private and public systems have an uneasy co-existence and access to treatment is a human right, conversations between government and private firms are ...


At H+K Strategies, we facilitate this conversation. We successfully apply proven strategic delivery, new tools and a vibrant global network with decades of experience working with public and private sector organisations, healthcare providers, patient groups and government bodies to meet our clients’ business goals on the continent.

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