Financial Services

With billions circulating in the informal market waiting to be banked, growing consumer demand for sophisticated financial products and rapidly developing capital markets Africa presents a huge opportunity for financial services firms.

This potential is reflected by the expanding number of active players both international and home grown and combinations of both. But what works in a developed market does not necessarily work in developing markets. Then add to the mix uneven levels of financial market sophistication in each country and its clear that a tailored approach is needed per market.

That’s why specialist knowledge combined with a genuine understanding of both the media and audience in each country is arguably more crucial in this sector than any other.



Over the years we’ve worked with almost every type ...

of financial services company from banks, to stock exchanges to specialist trade insurance providers. This makes us the ideal communications partner to help financial services companies navigated the complexity of working across multiple African markets.

Whether working with organisations committed to growing an African savings culture or targeted communications to Africa’s institutional investors we have the skills and depth of experience to help financial services firms make the most of opportunities.

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