Professional Services

With a growing number of corporate transactions and much-needed insights from Africa, the continent is now seen as a growth market for professional services.

These services contribute directly and indirectly to economic growth, including by lowering transaction costs, raising standards and by creating spillovers of knowledge for other industries.

You could say that professional services are building the continent’s intellectual infrastructure on which businesses and economies are built.

For established players and new entrants, Africa’s exciting prospects also come with its challenges. How to position the company in an increasingly competitive environment, attract and retain the brightest talent and create demand for services that are not well-understood in many marketplaces.



Some of our brightest minds, many of whom worked in professional services environments, understand the pressures of ...

selling knowledge-based services. We build mindshare for professional services firms by translating complex topics into media currency.

We’ve worked with management consultancies, lawyer, architects, accountants and auditors, tax experts, sponsors and risk advisors across the continent. We are the consultants who know how to consult to consultants.

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