Financial Communications

Effective financial communications is critical to attaining and maintaining investor interest, supporting the optimal pricing of shares and executing successful deals, whether public or private.

This requires a deep understanding of the regulatory environment in each market, analyst and investor expectations and the ability to develop a compelling narrative to support the company’s investment story. It also demands a proactive approach and preparedness to quickly react to market speculation, unfavourable analyst reports, deal leaks or lawsuits.

Open, transparent and timely communication to target audiences is essential to the reputation of your company and the protection of your brand.

Our track record demonstrates the depth and breadth of our experience - there isn't much we haven't handled.  With a truly global perspective, we can provide both the advice and implementation required to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Client services include:

    Investor relations

    Analyst relations

    Corporate and executive positioning

    Financial media relations

    Communications in conjunction with M&A's, spin-offs, IPO's, privatizations and proxy services

    Financial services marketing

    Annual reports