Corporate Communications + Reputation Management

In Africa government and communities are calling for greater accountability and transparency from its corporate citizens. In this environment, companies cannot consider brand, reputation and organisational behaviour in isolation.

Increased public scepticism, greater corporate transparency and the rise of digital democracy have fundamentally shifted the purchasing decisions of consumers. In many ways, it is now the public driving the conversation demanding responsive, responsible leadership and corporate citizenship - and holding organisations accountable when they fall short.

Leading companies recognize this shift and see opportunity at the intersection of brand, reputation and organisational behaviour: what we call corporate character. If alignment exists between what a company says it is; what the public thinks it is; and how a company treats its employees, customers and the communities it serves, this authenticity is a powerful differentiator.

Through this lens of corporate character, our team possesses the relationships and know-how to raise the profile of your corporate brand, advance corporate goals, protect your reputation and shape perceptions of the company among multiple stakeholders - all with an eye towards improving your ability to operate successfully in various African markets.

This includes:

Corporate branding

Reputation building

Messaging and positioning


Thought leadership campaigns

Multiple stakeholder campaigns

Corporate media relations

Issues management

Executive profiling