StarTimes navigating through a crisis

Kenya’s telecoms regulator, CCK, awarded StarTimes with the country’s 2nd digital-TV licence, in favour of a consortium of media owners. The media owners, clamoured for the 3rd licence, which they expected to win, but when CCK rescinded its decision to offer one, they reacted by withdrawing some local channels from StarTimes platform, resulting to an uproar from its subscribers. Aware that media owners wouldn’t cover the StarTimes story, H+K’s strategy leveraged on huge presence of Kenyans in new media, taking advantage of tech bloggers and social media enthusiasts to explain the issue. H+K’s crisis-response plan also engaged consumers directly, via customer-care messaging. The strategy addressed the issue, reducing the subscriber calls from about 20,000 to 3,000 calls a day - an 85% drop in 6 weeks.


H+K then supported StarTimes in enlightening subscribers on available channels as stakeholder engagement efforts continued with media owners to restore the channels.