Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) Awards for Excellence

With the impact of counterfeits heavily affecting the businesses of genuine mobile handset manufacturers, H+K helped Nokia develop a “State of Counterfeits in Kenya” report. The report was used to proactively engage traditional and - for the first time - social media players such as bloggers, along with other relevant stakeholders in government. The campaign resulted in increased awareness and inclusion of Nokia in Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Agency task force, and encouraged a name and shame culture among retailers who reported culprits to police.

During the campaign period not only did Nokia’s local sales improve by 40 per cent, but thanks to the campaign Nokia is now a recognized partner in ACA’s progress meetings, and has become an opinion-shaper on the menace of counterfeits. Furthermore, President Mwai Kibaki recently ordered the communications regulator Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to switch off counterfeit phones.

The campaign is now being replicated in the region in Tanzania and Uganda and other mobile phone handset makers are angling for a seat in the ACA committee.